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Dr. Jessica Rosi, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jessica Rosi DPT with client

About Me

Dr. Rosi was raised in Columbia, South Carolina. She excelled in anatomy and science courses in high school and had a desire to be in a profession where she was able to help people and develop meaningful relationships. This ultimately lead her into Physical Therapy.  With clarity of her plan, she graduated high school a year early to pursue her undergraduate work.

She went to Coastal Carolina University and received her Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sport Science. During this time she was in a car accident resulting in a few episodes of Physical Therapy herself. This further validated that she was headed into the right field. She then attended The University of Saint Augustine where she received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and took all of the post- graduate coursework for the Manual Therapy Certification with a heavy emphasis on the spine.  She has extensive clinical experience treating the spine including chronic low back pain after having spent time in her clinical studies at a spine specialty clinic. She has a special interest in helping clients avoid unnecessary surgeries.  

Furthermore, she has taken post-graduate coursework from Herman and Wallace to study female pelvic health as well as Dry Needling through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy.  

Dr. Jessica Rosi DPT with client 2 1
Dr. Jessica Rosi DPT Knee manip
Dr. Jessica Rosi DPT with ankle client

About The Doc

– D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy) – University of St. Augustine- St. Augustine, FL

 B.S. (Bachelor of Science – Exercise and Sport Science) – Coastal Carolina University- Conway, SC

– License # PT34010


– MF1 – Myofascial Manipulation

– S1 – Spinal Evaluation & Manipulation
– S2 – Advanced Evaluation & Manipulation of Pelvis, Lumbar & Thoracic Spine
– S3 – Advanced Evaluation & Manipulation of the Craniofacial, Cervical & Upper Thoracic Spine
– S4 – Functional Analysis & Management of Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex

– E1 Upper Extremity Evaluation & Manipulation
– E1 Lower Extremity Evaluation & Manipulation
– E2 Extremity Integration

– Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment Level 1 – Herman and Wallace

– Dry Needling 1 – Dry Needling for Craniofacial, Cervicothoracic & Upper Extremity Conditions – Dry Needling Institute


Dr. Rosi grew up in South Carolina. She loves the beach, warm weather and being outdoors. Following graduate school, she lived in a 5th wheel with her husband and their cat (Halle) and traveled the country for a year and a half working as a travel physical therapist. Exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new food and breweries are some of the highlights of her travels. She then returned to Florida where she is co-owner of Alinea Performance. She enjoys treating, educating and empowering people to take control of their pain and injuries and get back to living their life.