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Dr. William Mills II, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. William Mills II DPT with client

About Me

Dr. Mills is a native of Lafayette, LA. His first experience with physical therapy came in junior high where he attended his dad’s therapy sessions following an ACL tear at a summer softball tournament that his sister was competing in (ask him about the full story about that week 😊). Dr. Mills resonated with the idea of being by someone’s side step-by-step, literally and figuratively, as they get back to what means most to them. High school lacrosse and strength and conditioning led to a group of friends beginning CrossFit in it’s glory days and he knew he found the community he’d eventually serve.

The fitness community extends to all walks of life, body type, and fitness level. The ideology of everyone with a body should regularly lift, run, jump, squat, pull, and push regardless of age laid the foundation for his mantra “Active Problems Require Active Solutions.” In physical therapy,  the saying holds true from chronic pain patients who want to live pain free, to the avid fitness enthusiast who wants to move barbells and walk on their hands, to men following a radical prostatectomy who want to reclaim their sex lives and live without Depends. Dr. Mills treats it all.

Personable, communicative, and individualized care are his guiding principles that create a clear path of how the patient and therapist journey will go. The process begins with a consultation that will consist of goal setting, hearing a thorough history of what has contributed to the patients reason for therapy, a thorough joint assessment, and movement analysis. Once the issue is determined exercises, temporary movement scales, and frequency are prescribed and reassessed throughout the plan of care. 

Dr. William Mills DPT Lumbar manipulation
Dr. William Mills DPT cervical manipulation
Dr. William Mills II DPT hip distraction

Detailed Specs

– D.P.T. (Doctor Of Physical Therapy) -University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences – Austin, TX

-B.S. (Bachelors of Science- Kinesiology) – Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA

-License # 10013R


– Male Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment – Houston, TX (September 2018)

– S1 Spinal Evaluation & Manipulation: Impairment Based, Evidence Informed Approach

– S2 Advanced Evaluation and Manipulation of Pelvic, Lumbar and Thoracic Spine

– MF1 Myofascial Manipulation 

 – S4 Functional Analysis and Management of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex

– E1 Extremity Evaluation & Manipulation

– E2 Extremity Integration

Dr. Mills enjoys lifting weights and doing the occasional Metcon with his squad. He has a love for the outdoors that includes dove & duck hunting with his dad and hiking and traveling the east, west, and Rockie mountains with his loved ones. Reading and nerding out on all things Star Wars and Marvel is an attempted daily occurrence, as well as cuddling his kittens (while hoping to get a puppy soon). The local South Louisiana norms such as attending LSU football and baseball games, Cajun cuisine, and experiencing very humid weather conditions that are less than ideal for curly hair. Lastly, the most vital part of the day – coffee.