Erectile Dysfunction

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Our goal is to get our patients back to doing what they love in the shortest amount of time possible. Schedule a Consultation with one of our Experts in Erectile Dysfunction to help you get better fast.

18 Million Men Struggle With Erectile Dysfunction

But You Don’t Have to Be Apart of This Statistic

The problem is this:

Most men are afraid to get help when they are dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED). And when they do seek out help, they get conflicting answers of what is actually causing it and more importantly what they can do about it.
Here's what we hear all the time:
My doctor said “my test is low so I need to get on the testosterone”
My Doctor said “it’s a natural part of aging”
My Doctor said “we can prescribe you cialis or viagra”

We believe we can help you.

If not, we won’t waste your time either. We’ll let you know at the very first visit.
Don’t worry though, we believe we can help you. Even if:
You have tried medications without success in the past
You haven’t had an erection in years
You are recovering from prostate cancer treatment

Common Erectile Dysfunction Complaints

Our Patients Used To Suffer From

Difficulty achieving an erection for penetration
Difficulty maintaining an erection for penetration
Decreased libido
Distress/ embarrassment or shame from ED
Reluctant to initiate sexual encounters for fear of inability to satisfy partner
Anxiety related to inability to achieve an erection for penetrative sex

Our Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Goal

We’ll Help You Get Better Fast
Our Goal is to get our patients back to doing the things they love with the people they love as fast as possible.

Our simple 3 step approach to Addressing Male Erectile Dysfunction

Our proven program focuses on targeting and resolving the root cause of your issue, ensuring that you won't have to face it again. We really focus on 3 key areas to help men overcome erectile dysfunction.

Schedule a Consultation

We have two goals for you here. First is to help answer all of your questions and Second is to maintain complete confidentiality. Nobody needs to know.

First Visit

Our entire goal here is to see first and foremost if we can help. Here, we will do a couple tests to see how we can help you and discuss any specific conditions you may have.

Personalized treatments

Our goal here is to help you in the shortest amount of time possible. Now we can help most men in as little as 20 minutes. There is no recovery or down time, so you can be intimate that night.
Getting You better. faster!

How We Treat Erectile Dysfunction

We use focused shockwave therapy to get rid of plaque on the walls of the arteries and promote growth of new blood vessels, which provides improved blood flow to the penis. Focused shockwave also stimulates new nerve tissue growth, so most men experience increased sensation and arousal. *shockwave has shown to safely reverse erectile dysfunction in 91% of men.

Patients Who Used to Suffer From ED and other Pelvic Conditions

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Why Choose Us For Male Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Most of our patients experience Erectile Dysfunction changes pretty quickly. We cannot guarantee this is you; although we do believe we can likely help you.
Here’s what we can guarantee you walk away with on the very first day.
A Comprehensive Erectile Function and Health Examination
Cardiovascular & Health Assessment
Individualized Sexual Health & Wellness Strategy
Complete Review of Findings with Tailored Recommendations
An Extremely Effective ED Recovery Strategy

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