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Juggling a busy life and managing pain? Then you know that, eventually, pain will catch up with you.

This is where we can help. Get corrective exercises with therapist instructions on your smartphone so you never don’t know what to do.

What is Online Rehab Coaching?

Online Rehab Coaching takes elements of performance physical therapy and Strength & Conditioning and combines them using the advanced knowledge of a physical therapist.  Think of it as a perfect combination between healthcare and fitness.  At Alinea Performance® our philosophy is that Active Problems Require Active Solutions. With rehab coaching you will learn how to naturally transition from overcoming pain and injury to hitting personal records all while staying active and in the gym.

Who Is It For?

  • anyone who want to feel pain-free through Rehab Exercises
  • anyone looking to improve how they feel. This is for athletes and non-athletes alike

  • It is for those who want to improve their performance in strength and mobility

  • This program is also for health enthusiasts looking to introduce exercise into their lives

  • For those who are looking to become better and stronger versions of themselves

How It Works 

Virtual Assessment

We assess for areas of limited mobility, stability, and strength so your Rehab Coach can create your movement program. 

Movement Program

Corrective exercises that target your mobility, stability, and strrength limitations that are unique to you and your goals.

Video Reviews

Your coach will review your recorded workouts and send feedback for each and every session so you target the right areas.

What They’re Saying

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