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How To Perform The Low Bar Back Squat

Here is the movement analysis and instruction to perform the low bar back squat. We will discuss the muscles used, the best way to train the low bar back squat, the movement analysis as well as a demonstration of the perfect technique through the descent, transition and ascent phase of the low bar squat.

Most Effective Fitness Program Design

Effective fitness programs design to build better programs. We will discuss undulating vs linear periodization and what is the best progression strategy to reach your goals as quickly as possible while reducing the risk of injury. Progressive overload is key. Let’s look at some examples of linear and undulating progression strategies, pros and cons of each and how to apply these principles to design the most effective fitness programs for yourself or your clients.

How To Build a Program Using One Rep Max

Here’s a walkthrough of how to program using one rep max. Percentage based programming using your one rep max is the optimal way to progressively overload. We’ll go over strength vs hypertrophy goals and how that changes your workout plan as well as how volume, intensity and frequency plays a role. And finally how to tie it all together and build the program using your one rep max. As a bonus there are 2 rules that I use when designing programs for my clients to keep them progressing towards their goals as efficiently as possible without the risk of injury.

How To Choose The Right Weight For Your Workout

Confused on how to choose the right weight for your workout? Choosing the right weight is a challenge. Under-dose this and you won’t get the results and think your program is wrong, but if you overdose this you are at a higher risk for injury. Check out the step by step process I suggest you use to choose the right weight for your workout.

How To Determine Your 1 Rep Max

Want to know how to determine your 1 rep max? This article will explain how to estimate your one rep max as well as how to prepare and actually do a 1 rep max, which is the most accurate way to find your 1RM. Learn step by step how to determine the 1 rep max for any of your lifts.

Rotator Cuff Tear on MRI But I Want To Avoid Surgery

So you started having shoulder pain, you saw a physician and it says there is a rotator cuff tear on the MRI and you want to avoid surgery. You’re worried because you have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.  A common question I get in the clinic with shoulders is, “Will […]

Best Sleeping Positions With Shoulder Pain

Here are the best sleeping positions with shoulder pain and positions to avoid. Common diagnoses that cause pain are rotator cuff tendinopathy, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, cervical radiculopathy and post-shoulder surgery. Each diagnosis requires a different position to take the stress off of the tissue so you are finally able to sleep.

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